IKM is the Community Satisfaction Index, which is a survey of users of public services which is currently becoming the way that is widely used by government institutions in gathering various inputs. The community is an important source of information for assessing the satisfaction of the public or users of the services of a public service, the conditions and changes in people’s attitudes after receiving public services, ranking of certain service quality characteristics, reasons for dissatisfaction or disuse of services, and suggestions for quality improvement public service.

In connection with the Community Satisfaction Index, the Basic Electrical and Measurement Laboratory conducts a survey of laboratory users to get feedback on the services that have been provided. The following graph is the user satisfaction index of the Basic Electricity and Measurement Laboratory:

Community Satisfaction Index Laboratorium Dasar Elektrik dan Pengukuran

Indeks Kinerja Asisten Laboratorium Dasar Elektrik dan Pengukuran